I read in today’s newspaper the alarmingly excessive amount of monies that our Parliamentarians enjoy in tax exemptions on motor vehicles.

At a time when the prime minister is telling us that cars are not necessary and the government must save ForEx for purchasing medicine, it is hypocritical that Parliamentarians would rack up an exorbitant amount of money in exemptions on the import of luxury vehicles.

But what is the value we the citizens receive for this money? We can never see these MPs apart from election time when they (or at least some) are most visible asking for votes; so they cannot say they require these luxury vehicles to drive around the constituencies. And if that is the reason, I really do not mind seeing my MP drive around in a simple Tiida just like the average person.

If it is a matter of representation that is the justification, then shouldn’t local County Councillors be afforded the same benefit?

In fact, councillors are in the communities and are expected to be on the ground interacting with people more than the MPs yet they receive no tax exemption on vehicles or none of the perks that the MPs get.

And what about Senators with no constituencies who still receive this exemption? And judges? All these office holders have large enough salaries which they can afford to pay for their vehicles just like everyone else. Maybe it is time that the small man’s politician stand up against the parliamentary elites and refuse to move around their areas (although some already do) until they are treated equally.

I would like to see a list of every politician and public servant alike who has received tax breaks on their vehicles and how much this has cost the state. These are hard times as the minister of finance explained. We cannot be struggling alone. Let the politicians lead by example.

El Socorro