It was indeed a pleasure to see Minister Sinanan on the news this weekend back on the job and out the stables!

I saw a few photos of him on social media in his interesting home ensemble ensuring that the roads were cleared following the falling of a tree somewhere in St Augustine, and then on the news on Sunday night as the ministry lit the walkover by Cipriani College.

I live in the area but it is my young daughters who sometimes use the walkover. Though I try to not have them out too late at night, it sometimes gets dark as early at 6pm, an hour when they might be coming from the supermarket or neighbouring shops nearby.

I applaud you, Minister, for making your first appearances back in your ministerial seat on the ground out there where the action is, as opposed to the comfy acoustics of your office. I even saw post election road paving taking place somewhere in San Fernando and it is a welcome relief to see that like you said on the news weekend, your work is by no means election gimmicks.

I offer my sincere gratitude for the lighting of this walkover as it will provide safety and comfort as many of us and those we love need it to get from our respective point A to B.

I encourage the nation to continue to take pride in these investments. There is no excuse for not using them.

Whilst some of us are looking for the piper in others, Minister Sinanan you continue to show us the patriot in yourself. Congratulations on your second term in office. I know you will again serve this country well.

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