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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the stresses which mankind throughout the world has got to live with.

Presently, we in Trinidad and Tobago are living in an environment of which we as a society are not accustomed too. We are known to be very accommodating and sociable. Restrictions are now placed upon us like social distancing, wearing of a face mask, no gatherings of more than ten, and of our pastime of going to the beaches and rivers, these are now closed to the public.

To place more stress on the population is the verbal clash between two high office holders, the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, over the Public Health Regulations, and therein lies the difference and the interpretation of the law as it relates to public and private property.

Now I took my time before I hastily say my piece. The Police Commissioner said he will not be bullied whilst commanding his nine thousand officers. I have spent thirty-five years in the Police Service and from day one, politicians have been dictating their preference of their do’s and don’ts. Some that come to mind is deceased Commissioner Jules Bernard’s remarks of being a “ toothless bulldog and about three years ago, two senior officers from an elite section were transferred for failing to detain an individual without supporting evidence. Commissioner Gary Griffith, I give you kudos for standing tall in this instance.

However, Mr Commissioner, you also spilled the pale of milk where you were very disrespectful in your utterances towards the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and in furtherance, you spoke from sides of the mouth. It is not what you say or do, but how it was said

One cannot be setting a bad example for our younger ones and at the same time saying sports will take our younger minds away from the menace called crime.