Locusts swarm over the village of Rock River, Moruga, as they migrate to the forested area. The locusts eat everything in their path.

Locust Eradication teams are continuing to track millions of locusts that have settled on the forested areas at Gran Chemin, Cachipe and Bois Jean-Jean, Moruga.

Guardian Media captured footage of the swarms as they circled the forests along the Moruga Main Road.

Trees were covered with insects which stayed mainly on the treetops.

Locust tracking teams usually follow the insects at this time of the year to map nesting grounds. These nesting areas are then sprayed to exterminate the pests.

An official from the team said it was difficult to control the locusts when they were flying in bands but once they settle to lay eggs they can be easily exterminated.

In September, the locusts were spotted at La Savanne, Moruga. Several agricultural and residential areas were affected by the insects.

Earlier this year, thick swarms of hoppers stayed for weeks in Cachipe in Moruga, gnawing away at crops and fruit trees. On either side of Cachipe are vast forests where the hoppers are believed to have hatched in January.

One of the worse affected residents Kiel Auguste said the insects were becoming very prevalent in Moruga, disrupting outdoor life. Locusts have also been prevalent at Point Coco and Granville in Cedros.