Police are looking into the circumstance surrounding the murder of a 45-year-old lorry driver on Thursday night, who reportedly was shot dead at his Claxton Bay home.

The deceased has been identified as Peter Joseph, of Riversdale Drive, Sum Sum Hill in Claxton Bay.

Guardian Media understands that Joseph was questioned by his killers about the location of a gun before he was shot at his home.  His body was found on the road near his home, shortly after he was accosted by gunmen.

Police received information that Joseph was in possession of two illegal guns.  His home had raided several times by police, executing searches for firearms and ammunition.

Joseph’s body was found lying on the road around 10:05 pm by police officers responding to a report of explosions at that address.  The body bore gunshot wounds, and there reportedly was duct tape over the mouth and tie straps were near his hands.

Police said Joseph was last seen around 9:40 pm relaxing in a hammock at the back of his home.  Sometime later, he reportedly was accosted by several men who questioned him about the location of a gun.  It is believed that Joseph struggled with his killers before he was shot.

Police searched his house but did not find the firearms.

Joseph lived with his common-law wife and children.

Investigations are continuing.