Andrea Bharatt

The main suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Andrea Bharatt remains in critical condition at hospital and is still unable to speak to the police.

Senior police sources told CNC3 News that the 37-year-old suspect, who drove the car that picked up Andrea, is in an unconscious state and is possibly paralysed.

Based on information obtained by investigators, the man—who is believed to be the mastermind in the kidnapping of the Arima clerk—tried from the beginning to mislead the police investigation into Andrea’s disappearance.

When he was picked up on Sunday, he reportedly led police to Jacob Settlement in Arima and told investigators he was not involved in her disappearance; instead, he pointed blame at the other suspects in detention.

But information obtained by CNC3 News from a confidential report indicated that the main suspect drove to Windy Hill in Arouca, where he reportedly spent just over an hour there, mere minutes after snatching Andrea Bharatt.

Investigators believe he later left that location and before heading to Valencia, may have detoured to Pinto Road, Arima, where Andrea Bharatt’s phone was sold to a woman for $700.

Police are hoping that the main suspect—who has a history of criminal charges for rape, kidnapping, and other serious offences—regains consciousness, so he can be thoroughly questioned about the matter.

Andrea Bharatt’s body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre this morning, but an autopsy may not be performed until Monday, since the body must be first tested for COVID-19.