Treldon Layne

The way a man treats a woman, well, she will do anything for you. As a man redoubles his loving ways of supporting his very own wife, love will grow as well in her heart. But unfortunately, most men do not understand the definition of mutual respect and loving support and this is the big problem at hand.

You have to ask yourself as a man, do you want a successful marriage or not? And how can you get it if you place yourself or do problematic things in your relationship? That’s the question you have to answer consciously. Have you ever given any thought to what a happy wife is or what she will do for you in return with her eyes full of hope on you as the head of the home? A probity woman will always do the right things for her family, so if you as a man do your part and treat her right with love in both of your eyes, whether subtly or not, will she not provide a redoubling of her strength for you?

Brother Kevin was talking with me and he gave me a great deal of his experiences with relationships. As we said in our discussion: a relationship is a two-way street and if she wants that treatment in return, being a “goody-goody man” may not be her fancy as well …”

That got me thinking right away. If you want a relationship to work, you have to work with a single purpose and single thought united for your own cause as a couple. Even though you might be a goody-goody man, it does not mean that a woman will appreciate you likewise in her heart and mind. Sometimes, you have to be willing to fight yourself to be better in your relationship. What this is saying to us is that we are all complex beings and complexity brings about different dimensions and aspects, so we have to understand our true purpose in life. To be in any relationship, you must have a cause for that to work out successfully and happily too. With a cause, you will know exactly what is needed to march forward progressively better in time to come. But if you don’t have a cause, then a lack of direction will lead you astray. But you may wonder, why should you acquire that cause ASAP?

Probity must be the thoughts to our children, or they will do everything in life differently as they mature. We are all seeing that demonstrated in social media and more importantly, schools in general. Would you say that’s the wise use of having a cause, or are you defeating the very essence of probity? Importantly, with true work, your cause will be extremely hard to accomplish with yourself and your life but it can be done over time.

Let us reason together the importance of both parties agreeing and having mutual respect for each other. This is what I learned to be truth after my experience being around family. If a man does whatever he can to make his female companion happy, she likewise will do anything for him … Why am I saying is that some of you may wonder, seriously? Females are designed in a particular way to love and to please their mates. That’s how God made them – as a helper or co-pilot to man … So once men do the utmost and necessary and treats his wife good and makes her happy, then she will do all of that for him. That is what I have observed in my life so far between couples who made their marriage seem to work well…

Thank you for reasoning and tracking with me. Also remember happiness is what matters most and both parties must recognise that. They will see the need in being a helper or co-pilot to each other, which automatically will make them work together joyously.