Makeisha Maynard, 8, pictured with her father Michael Maynard

Maysonia Thomas, on Tuesday, left the Forensic Science Centre disappointed and confused as to why no result has been confirmed as to the cause of her daughter, Makeisha’s death.

Thomas admitted that she was a bit confused as to why no confirmation but said she was only told that she would be contacted via phone from forensic officials as there seemed to be complications and need for further forensic tests to be carried out on her daughter’s body.

“I really don’t know what’s happening but I’m just waiting on their call now, “ Thomas said.

Meanwhile, she promised that she is going to “fight” for custody of her second son with Michael Maynard, who she said has been released into the custody of the boy’s paternal grandmother.

She is hoping that by the end of the week she will have her son back in her care.

Maynard reportedly had beaten their daughter, eight years, to death after she urinated the bed while asleep on Saturday night with her father at his small galvanised shack on Saturday night. Maynard was found hanging from a tree next to the shack on Sunday evening.

Maynard’s relatives are claiming that Thomas neglected her children and refused to pick them up whenever they were by Maynard’s mother and/or other relatives of his.

This claim was verified in a statement issued by the T&T Police Service which started that on April 6, 2019, a report was made about threats and child neglect. This was made by Celestine Oliver, the sister of Maynard.

Maynard’s eldest sister told the Guardian Media that she is blaming Thomas for what happened to Makeisha. She said Thomas was the one to have come forward to save her children from abuse by the father by giving the grandmother permission to have full custody of the children, “but she never came…just to get a taxi to come she never did. I waited long hours at the police station and she never came…from April to November last year I tried reaching out to her because if she came she would have given permission for the grandmother to have them and Michael would have no rights then to come and take them away from us. I blame her.”

Thomas’ sister also lay the blame on her for not going to her children’s rescue, she claimed that Thomas knew the children were being abused by the father.

But, Thomas refuted the allegations categorically saying that she never and would have never neglected Makeisha and her brother, “I have seven children and I have never neglected them…I was prevented from seeing my two children with Michael by his relatives, “ Thomas said.

“When I would call or message to find out how they are doing I would always be told ‘they good…they better of than you and me.’ If I try to find out how they are doing in school they would say good and that’s that. They never wanted me to be around my own children and to have them, “ she added.

The TTPS’ statement did confirm that two reports were made against Maynard.

It started that on September 10, 2011, Maynard was arrested and charged with assaulting Thomas, and his eight-month-old daughter. That matter remained pending for years.

The TTPS noted that WPC Atkinson of the CPU spoke to Steven Maynard (uncle) and Rashida Munroe, “at the time, two children were living with their grandmother at Kelly Village, Caroni. The children denied that they were beaten and there were no marks of violence on the bodies.

Checks with the CID also revealed that no such reports were made.”

The TTPS also disclosed that Maynard was out on bail on a rape charge.

“In 2018, a report of rape was made against Maynard. He was arrested and charged, and released on bail. As part of his bail conditions, he had to report to the Caroni Police Station once per week. That matter was also pending, “ the statement read.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, also in the release, reminded citizens that when they see something, they must say something, and not wait until someone is killed.

Griffith pointed out that “everyone in the village, family, friends, and colleagues claim to know that there has been abuse for years. Two reports were made and they were investigated.” More on Page 7