A Moruga man, accused of attempting to murder his estranged girlfriend 12 years ago, was a no show at his virtual hearing yesterday.

Justice Norton Jack was informed by defense attorney Ramesh Deena that the accused Wilson Joshua was not aware of the date of the hearing.

Deena, who was at his San Fernando office, said he tried numerous times to contact Joshua on his cellular numbers but was unsuccessful.

Joshua is out on $65,000 bail.

Given the circumstances, the judge allowed Joshua to appear through Deena but made it clear that he is to be present at the next hearing which has been set for Monday.

On that day, Joshua has to indicate whether he accepts the judge’s ruling on the Maximum Sentence Indication (MSI) which was given some time ago.

An MSI is an indication of the maximum sentence that a judge will impose on a person if he or she pleads guilty.

Joshua, 39, of Basseterre, Moruga, is charged with attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend Perryann Guerrero and assaulting Guerrero’s employer Richard Beckles.

The incident allegedly occurred on August 1, 2008.

Guerrero, according to the State’s case, had ended the relationship with the accused. It is alleged that he went to Guerrero’s workplace in Rio Claro armed with a knife and threatened to kill her because she did not want to reconcile their relationship.

She was reportedly stabbed in the stomach and abdomen. After hearing the commotion, Beckles went to her assistance and was allegedly cut on his finger.

State attorney Giselle Heller, court staff, the arresting officer Cpl Keston Pierre and members of the media were also present during the virtual hearing.

The judge reminded all parties that they are to follow all protocols as if they were in a physical courtroom, including their attire.

There were some difficulties with the connection, but the judge said those technical difficulties were being worked on.

Deena assured that he would make “furious” attempts to contact Joshua to have him in his office for Monday’s virtual hearing at 10.30 am.