A man allegedly scuffled with the police, damaging an officer’s jersey and jewellery, when the police tried to arrest him in Penal.  He is expected to be charged with assault.

The incident reportedly occurred around 5:30pm on Monday, when the police responded to a report of a disturbance at Mora Drive, Sou Sou Lands.

According to reports, PCs Heeralal and Daly saw a 25-year-old man standing in the roadway, shouting obscenities.  While speaking to him, the officers detected the smell of alcohol about his person. 

PC Heeralal reportedly cautioned him about his behaviour and the man is said to have replied: “Them is F….. thief.”

In the process of arresting the man, PC Heeralal held on to his left arm, but the man reportedly pulled away aggressively.

Saying that he was not going anywhere, the man reportedly cuffed the officer on his shoulder and grabbed on to the neck area of the officer’s T-shirt and his gold chain.  He is said to have ripped the officer’s jersey (valued at $200) and burst the chain (valued at $2,500) in three places.

While trying to help his colleague, PC Daly was hit by the man on his left wrist.  

Eventually, the man was subdued and taken to the Penal Police Station where he was expected to be charged with assaulting PC Heralal and PC Daly to prevent his arrest, as well as malicious damage to PC Heeralal’s teeshirt and a Spanish link gold chain.

The officers, as well as the man, were medically examined at the Siparia District Health Facility.