A 31-year-old Pleasantville man was killed by a close female relative during a domestic dispute, yesterday.

Dead is 31-year-old Reon Rogers (also known as “Naughty”) of Building C Orchid Gardens.

Guardian Media understands that around 9 pm, a 31-year-old woman walked into the San Fernando Homicide Office and allegedly confessed that she had stabbed and strangled Rogers during an altercation.

In her statement to police, the woman reportedly claimed she was in an abusive relationship. She told police that while drinking alcohol, she and Rogers had an argument over infidelity. She claimed that Rogers attacked her when she went to take a bath, and that he reportedly was holding a hammer and cuffed and kicked her about the body.

The woman told police that she ran to the kitchen where she managed to grab a knife and launched at him several times. She told police that during their struggle, she grabbed Rogers’ groin and squeezed, causing him to fall on the ground. She said she then squeezed his neck until he was unconscious.

The woman reportedly handed over to police officers the keys to the apartment and took them there.

Police found Rogers body in a foetal position on the floor of a bedroom in the apartment.  He had been covered with a sheet. Police also took possession of a knife and hammer they found on the premises.

The woman was arrested before being taken to the San Fernando General Hospital to be medically examined. She subsequently was detained at the Gasparillo Police Station.

An autopsy on Deon Rogers body is expected to be done at the Forensic Science Centre.