A 23-year-old man escaped certain death by jumping off the balcony of his apartment in Maloney Gardens, after being shot and wounded by intruders, who also attempted to set his apartment on fire.

The incident occurred during the wee hours of Wednesday (May 12th) morning.

Guardian Media understands the victim was shot multiple times to the abdomen.  Police said he also was burnt on the right arm, right leg, and right flank.

According to a police report, at about 3:44 am, officers went to Building 12 at Maloney Gardens in response to a report of a “Shooting in Progress” and “Structural Fire”.

Upon arrival, the officers saw fire emanating from within Apartment 3-4 North. Shortly after, officers from the Arima Fire Station arrived and extinguished the blaze. Damage was done solely to the furnishings in a bedroom on the south-eastern side of the apartment. No one was in the apartment.

However, at about 4 am, the Arima Police Station received information from the Arima Hospital that a gunshot victim from Maloney had been admitted.

Sgt Nicome in company with WPC John-Tidd from the Arima Police went to the Arima Hospital, as well as officers from the Maloney CID, namely PCs Haban, Salina and Winter. They reportedly interviewed a medical doctor who attended to the victim and treated his injuries.

The victim was subsequently interviewed.  He told police that at about 3:30 am, he was awakened from sleep by noises in the living room area.  He checked and saw two men both armed with firearms, throwing burning material into his apartment. On seeing him, the gunmen reportedly began shooting at him.

The victim said that he ran to the balcony area, where he observed a group of men on the ground floor also armed with firearms, who also shot at him.

The victim said he still jumped off the balcony onto the ground floor, where he collapsed. The suspects then ran off.

Investigations are ongoing.