The abandoned house in Tunapuna where the body of Kimberly Ramsaran was discovered on Monday.

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Three people, including a woman, were killed in separate incidents in the Barataria, St Augustine and Tunapuna areas between Monday and yesterday.

The victims have been identified as Richard Stewart, Kimberly Ramsaran and Kevon Goddard.

According to a police report, at about 12.05 am yesterday, Stewart’s body was found at Seventh Avenue, Malick, Barataria. Police were told that residents had heard rapid gunfire moments before his body was discovered. Stewart, police said, was shot multiple times about the body. A motive is yet to be established for his murder.

In an unrelated incident, Goddard was fatally stabbed during a domestic squabble with a 22-year-old woman, who is now said to be in police custody assisting in the investigations.

Police said at about 8.35 pm on Monday, Goddard was approached by the woman at his Orange Grove Road, St Augustine home. An argument began and escalated into a fight, where the woman reportedly pulled a knife and stabbed Goddard once in the upper right side of the back. Goddard was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope where he later succumbed to his injury.

The scene was processed and police seized a knife which is believed to be the weapon used in the attack. The suspect is currently detained at the Tunapuna Police Station.

In the third incident, at about 5 pm on Monday, Ramsaran’s nude body was found in an abandoned structure along Centenary Street, Tunapuna. Police said there was a gaping wound to the right side of her neck, which they believe may be a chop wound.

Ramsaran, 29, police said, was last seen alive at about 11 pm on Sunday at the said structure by a friend of hers.

The friend, police said, went to check on her on Monday, where he made the gruesome discovery.

A black-handled knife was found and seized at the scene. Police said Ramsaran’s body was found in the bedroom of the structure, which is frequented by drug addicts. Investigations are continuing in all three incidents. (RDR)