One man was killed in a police-involved shooting this morning in Tunapuna.
According to police reports, at around 12:03 am a party of five officers were conducting an exercise in a bushy area on Madoo Hill Tunapuna, when they observed two men dressed in dark clothing, both armed with pistols, walking in a track in the said bushy area.
The party of officers identified themselves to the two men by shouting “Police” and the men were ordered to drop their firearms. The two men then pointed their firearms in the direction of the party of officers and opened fire. The officers became fearful for their lives returned fire.
One of the men fell to the ground and the other man ran off and escaped. The man who fell to the ground appeared to be injured and was carried to the Mt Hope Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor at around 12:20 am.

The identity of the dead man is unknown at this time. A revolver, four rounds of .38 ammunition and one spent shell were recovered at the scene. Enquiries continuing.