A man from Marabella, who was mistakenly shot in his buttocks by a police officer who was attempting to apprehend a group of bandits, is set to receive a little over $100,000 in compensation.

Kendell Wright, of Ramsamooj Street in Marabella, filed the lawsuit late last year, but the Office of the Attorney General only accepted liability while the case was before Justice James Aboud for case management, almost two weeks ago.

The official consent order which was entered before the lawsuit was eventually withdrawn, was only issued to the parties on Thursday.

In addition to the damages, the State was also ordered to pay the $9,000 in legal costs Wright incurred in bringing the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Wright claimed that the incident occurred around 12.55 am on September 19, 2016, while he and two friends were purchasing burgers from a roadside vendor along the Southern Main Road in Marabella.

Wright and his friends noticed a group of men wearing masks running past them and moments later, they saw two police officers running in the same direction and firing their guns.

“I am instructed that the said police officers, at all material times, fired their service pistols into the crowded group of civilians without firing warning shots into the air and/or exercising proper firearm safety protocol,” Wright’s lawyer Josiah Soo Hon said, in his pre-action protocol letter that initiated the lawsuit.

Wright reportedly grabbed one of his female friends and pulled her to the ground, but was shot in the process.

Soo Hon claimed that although the police officers noticed that he had been shot, they left the scene before the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

Wright remained warded at the San Fernando General Hospital for one day but had to return for an operation to remove the bullet that was lodged in his hip.

Wright, who was employed as a sales agent with an industrial company, could not return to work as his previous job required him to lift heavy objects and transport pipes and machinery.

Wright managed to secure a job as a security guard but was also forced to quit.

“The injuries particularly sustained to his Lumbosacral muscle and pelvis prevents him from sitting and/or standing for long periods of time without experiencing intense muscle spasms,” Soo Hon said.

The AG’s Office was represented by Tiffany Kissoon.