Undertakers move the body of Akeem Clarke from the murder scene at Midas Lane, Corinth Hills, on Tuesday.

The father of a man killed in Ste Madeleine on Tuesday night said he has already forgiven his son’s killers.

Akeem “Bachac” Clarke, 23, was shot dead while sitting with a group of friends.

While a motive is yet to be determined for the murder of the construction labourer, investigators are probing whether his past criminal transgressions may have played a part in his killing.

Clarke, 23, of Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville was shot several times while liming with friends along Midas Lane, Corinth Hill in Ste Madeleine on Tuesday night.

Relatives said he also stayed with his girlfriend and one-year-old child in Broadway, San Fernando.

Police reports stated that around 7.30 pm, a gunman wearing a pair of black pants and black hoodie walked up to Clarke and his friends, and opened fire.

Clarke was shot several times to his upper body.

Those nearby scampered for cover as Clarke fell onto the driveway of a townhouse. As he bled out, his killer ran out of the community and has not been found by police.

By the time Southern Division police arrived, Clarke was already dead.

Police investigators said Clarke’s relatives fainted when they arrived at the scene and saw his bloodied corpse on the ground.

Police said Clarke was charged for robbery and firearm offences several years ago while his brother is currently on trial for a murder which occurred in Fyzabad.

But for his father Ezekiel Clarke, they were looking forward to starting a new job this week.

Speaking at the scene, Ezekiel said that as a precautionary measure for COVID-19, management had just shut down the construction project where Clarke was working. Ezekiel said they would have started a new job soon but criminals stole that opportunity from Clarke and his family.

He said he forgives his son’s killers, who will have to answer to God.

“This is a murder and I am deeply hurt right now. I am doing my part for T&T as president of the Couva Community Police Council. I do hope that the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service does not let this rest and the perpetrators are found. This is a sad moment for me. I am trying to hold up but there is a God above. I pray to God that everything is revealed and a lesson is learnt. “

The grieving father added, “And to all other youths who might have known my son, watch the company you keep. I am deeply saddened, deeply hurt but God is love and I say peace and love. Murderer, I forgive you but you have God to talk to now and my God is awesome. The God of my heart is a good God. There is no rock, nowhere you shall hide. Peace and love,” Ezekiel said.

The broken father said he didn’t know who Clarke’s friends were and no one was giving him answers.

He said he had no knowledge that someone wanted to murder his son.