One man was shot dead and another injured in Wallerfield on Sunday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as Junior Williams, 37, of Demarara Heights, Wallerfield.

A 61-year-old man was shot and wounded in the same incident.

Police said the two men were working on a construction site at Sunflower Drive when a masked man entered the compound and opened fire on them.

Williams died on the scene while the other man, who was shot and wounded in one of his arms, escaped by running into a nearby building and locking himself inside until the gunman left.

Police said Williams was shot in his head. Officers recovered and seized ten spent 9 mm shells from the scene.

A man was also shot and wounded in Malabar at 12.30 am yesterday.

Police said the 25-year-old was walking along Watts Trace when a gunman rode up to him and shot him before riding off.

The victim, who was shot in the back, was assisted by residents who took him to the Arima Hospital where he was treated and warded in a critical condition.