A manhunt has been launched for a suspect who reportedly shot at police officers on exercise yesterday, in the Maracas / St Joseph area.

Guardian Media understands that police officers were fired upon on two occasions whilst on an enquiry operation in the Maracas/St Joseph area on Wednesday 20 January 2021; however, the suspect managed to escape.

Police believe the shooter is a 26-year-old man from Santa Rita Road, Lluengo Village, Maracas / St Joseph.

According to a police report, at about 10:25 am, two officers assigned to the T&T Police Service’s Special Branch were on patrol and enquiries, when they encountered the man in the area of the basketball court at Lluengo Village, Maracas / St Joseph.

The man is said to be of dark complexion, approximately five feet six inches tall, and sporting a beard.  At the time, he was clad in a white t-shirt, three-quarter black jeans and had a bag strapped across the shoulder.

On seeing the police officers, the man reportedly pointed a firearm at them and opened fire. The officers, in keeping with the Police Service Use of Force Policy, drew their service issued firearms and returned fire, discharging three rounds in the direction of the suspect. 

The man ran off and the officers gave chase.  Reports are the suspect opened fire at the officers for a second time.  The officers again returned fire, discharging seven rounds in the direction of the suspect; however, he managed to escape into a forested area.

Checks were made for the suspect in the immediate vicinity but he was not seen.

Crime scene personnel processed the scene and recovered three hollow, brass-coloured cylindrical objects resembling that of 9 mm shell casings.

Officers received information that the suspect is a man from the area.

A search warrant subsequently was obtained and executed at the suspect’s home.  However, he was not at home and nothing illegal was found.

Investigations are ongoing.