San Fernando East MP Brian Manning presents a hamper to Yogen Annamunthodo outside of the San Fernando East Constituency Office, on Saturday.

San Fernando East MP Brian Manning has distributed hampers to 200 families within his constituency of Ste Madeleine and Pleasantville.

At the distribution exercise on Saturday Manning said, “It is a continuation of a programme to work to help those who need the assistance right now. The Ministry of Agriculture facilitated the hampers and NAMDEVCO had gone a long way to help the more venerable persons.”

Also distributing hampers to families were the Marabella Festival Council and the Carrat Shed Bar together with Fen Mohammed Stores all of Marabella. They rallied their troops and distributed 50 hampers to families in that community.

Carrat Shed owner Allan Campbell described the distribution as a “project of love.”

He said: “There are thousands of people who are going hungry in the county and based on the ability to generate some funds, we decided to extend our hands to citizens who are in need the most.”

Vice chairman of the Marabella Festival Council Valarie Mitchell said this was their way of giving back to the community. She said the people of Marabella have supported the council for the past 20 years in Carnival and many did so when they did not have many resources.

She said, “Throughout the years the community has supported us. Our main force these days is on Carnival so that all the people come out and support us we decided that there are needy ones that we are going to give to because of this lockdown because we know that a lot of people are out of jobs. However, today we decided to do the best that we can.”

Mitchell has called on other interest groups to do the same in their areas if they have not done so already.