The body of a hiker was recovered yesterday after a massive search and recovery effort.

The hiker, is believed to have drowned after being swept away in the Marianne River in Blanchisseuse, on Saturday.

According to preliminary information from the police, the victim’s name is Alexander Beepath.

According to the police, it is believed Beepath, who was hiking in the area with a group, went swimming in the river but encountered difficulty.

He was presumed dead by his fellow hikers and police officers who aided with the search effort.

Police said relatives were notified of his disappearance on Saturday evening.

A search and rescue team attempted to recover his body up until late Saturday evening, however, they were forced to return yesterday morning.

The attempt continued well the afternoon yesterday until the body was eventually recovered at around 4 pm.

In September, a mother of one Annecia Lewis was swept away by floodwaters while bathing in a waterfall in Bagatelle, Diego Martin.

The body of the 31-year-old was later recovered miles away, out at sea, near the Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club.

Last week, 20-year-old Samuel Pierre drowned, in Pleasantville, while hunting with friends.

He was attempting to cross the Cipero River to catch an iguana.

His body was later recovered from the river by Coast Guard divers two days later.

Hikers and even the police have urged hikers and those venturing to bathe in rivers, to observe the weather conditions since this could jeopardise their safety and even their life.