Western Division Task Force police officers walk up Tonka Bean Trace, Maraval, to search the home of Nathan Paul yesterday.

Anna-Lisa Paul

A Maraval man, who was out on bail after being charged for attempted murder and facing a spate of gun-related crimes that occurred between April 2020 and March 2021, was killed during a shoot-out with police on Monday night.

The deceased has been identified as Nathan Emmanuel Paul, 22, of Faustin Trace.

Paul, who was also known as “Plaits” and “Paulie,” was released from prison in January.

According to reports, officers of the Western Division Task Force (WDTF) were conducting an exercise near Tonka Bean Trace, Maraval, around 10 pm when they were allegedly fired upon by Paul, who had been staying in a house on the hill.

As officers returned fire, Paul was hit several times. One of the officers on the exercise, PC Frith, was also shot once in the leg.

Both men were rushed to the Maraval Health Centre, which is located minutes from where the shooting took place.

Paul was pronounced dead on arrival while Frith was treated and released in a stable condition.

Officers reportedly recovered a firearm at the scene on Monday and returned yesterday to collect additional forensic evidence.

When Guardian Media Limited visited the area yesterday, residents refused to speak.

However, people along the main road said they knew the unemployed Paul had been “living the fast life.”

Five police vehicles were at the scene around 11 am yesterday, along with the K9 Unit, as uniformed personnel carried out searches for hidden arms and ammunition in the surrounding brush.

Meanwhile, forensic officials were seen carrying equipment and police markers up to the make-shift wooden house where Paul was shot.

One man said, “I not surprised. I expected this kind of trouble from him.”

Paul was not married and did not have any children.

He was said to be the main suspect in a robbery at the KFC Maraval branch on April 8.

It was reported that following this incident, police searched Paul’s parents’ house and as a result, he was put out because of the suspicious activities which had negatively impacted the already strained relationship he had with his parents.

When Guardian Media contacted Paul’s father Tyrone Paul yesterday, he declined to speak based on advice from his attorney.

Among the charges Paul had been facing was possession of a firearm and ammunition on June 20, 2020; attempted murder; possession of a firearm and ammunition and possession of a firearm and ammunition to endanger life on April 7, 2020.

He was also a suspect in several incidents, including robbery with violence at KFC, Maraval on April 8, 2021; robbery with aggravation at Bowen Street, Maraval on February 27, 2021; robbery with violence at the Retirees Society Club, Maraval, on February 20, 2021; assault with intent to rob Fei Wong Chinese Restaurant, Maraval, on March 19, 2021 and arson in May 2020 at Maraval.