Adrian Ali

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Leaders of the South Championship of the T&T Cricket Board domestic competition Marchin Patriots are hoping that whatever decision that is made by the board concerning the local season, they don’t miss out on making it to the top flight of this country’s cricket.

When the TTCB suspended the league due to the coronavirus pandemic, they led the standings on 86 points after five rounds.

Skipper Adrian Ali is calling on the board to ensure that the tournament is not scrapped and that the winners get their just reward in terms of promotion.

Ali said: “I am aware we’re in the middle of a pandemic and hopefully, this ends soon. Marchin Patriots is a community-based club and we’ve been on a mission over the past few years to play Premiership 1 cricket and now we’re in a position to achieve that once all things go according to plan.

“We’ve lost a lot of playing time because of the pandemic and we’re hopeful that this will end soon and we can be back on the field of play doing what we love. We’re aware adjustments will have to take place but we’re hopeful we will be allowed to complete the league at least.

“Cricket at this level is very costly with very little or no financial gain. We do it for the love of the game and community. Cricket in Trinidad can be played throughout the year as well, it’s no longer seasonal when you look at the number of small leagues that occurs after the official season is closed.

“We’re hopeful the TTCB can consider looking at the decision the WICB took in relation to the four-day tournament if we’re not able to go back onto the field of play. In the meantime, let’s continue to take all the necessary precautions to continue the fight against this pandemic,” Ali said.