Marijuana activist wants needs of ill persons addressed


Social activist Nazma Muller is calling on the Minister of Agriculture to free up licenses for farmers to grow marijuana commercially to address the medical needs of persons battling cancer and other ailments.

Muller spoke with Guardian Media in La Romaine on Monday.

Muller said patients who need cannabis are under severs stress since supplies are short and prices have skyrocketed to almost $150 a gramme. Muller said persons who need marijuana for treatment can well become a burden to a strained health system.

She said: “The supply has dried up because there is nothing coming in, the local supplies have not reached the levels they should have by now. If they had been given licenses then we would have had a local supply, that not has happened and it has been delayed by corona. I am asking the Attorney General please move forward with the legislation.”

Muller added the authorities should allow the Minister of Agriculture the opportunity to give licenses to farmers to produce ganja for patients.

“People with cancer, Crohn’s disease and right now the whole country is suffering with stress and anxiety and ganja has been proven to help with that. This is something the country needs right now for employment. Open up the state land let us plant cannabis.”

Muller said the future remains uncertain and believes the time has come for officials to move quickly so thousands can be involved in the cultivation of marijuana.