Opposition Senator Wade Mark. (Image courtesy Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago)

UNC Senator Wade Mark is asking if the Drug Sou Sou was a slush fund established by the PNM to bribe citizens for votes before the 2020 General Election.

Speaking in the Senate this morning, Senator Mark said his party has received intelligence that before the elections, members of the DSS allegedly were approached by three PNM politicians and allegedly were given money in order to buy votes.

“I would like the Prime Minister to identify them!” Senator Mark told the Parliament.

He said the allegation of the PNM politicians’ involvement has been made in a daily newspaper and to this day, the party is yet to deny it.

Senator Mark also questioned why the Government took so long to take action on the matter.

Last week, the Prime Minister publicly announced that he would seek assistance from the United Kingdom and Barbados to investigate the DSS company. Two senior officers from the Royal Barbados Police Force arrived in this country on October 20th.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has commenced his vacation leave, which will end on November 1st.

Some 15 police officers have been sanctioned for their role in the DSS $22 million scandal.

But Senator Mark is not happy with the Prime Minister’s involvement.

“I don’t know if the Prime Minister is a police. What is the Prime Minister doing in police business?” he stated in the Senate today.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley publicly announced that he had sought out the assistance from officials from the United Kingdom and Barbados to investigate the DSS company, as he was concerned about what he had learned on the company.