The restored Red House.

Peter Christopher

Couples will once again have the option to have a Red House wedding.

At Thursday’s Post Cabinet Press briefing, Minister of National Security Stuart Young confirmed that the practice of going to the red house to formalise a marriage would resume.

“Cabinet took a decision today that we should make all of the necessary plans and moves to allow marriages to take place at the Red House once again. But yes so the cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago has today taken the decision that we are going to allow marriages and the registration of marriages once again at the Red House in Port of Spain, ” said Minister Young.

The practice of going to the Red House to officially register marital unions, without an accompanying religious ceremony and featuring minimal witnesses, had been common prior to the building’s closure for restoration work in 2011.

Since then, couples seeking to get married in this manner then had to go Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, where these civil unions would be facilitated.

Minister Young said the decision was in keeping with the government’s plan for historical buildings, revealing that they had also discussed plans for other historical buildings such as Stollmeyer’s Castle, Millefleur, Whitehall and President’s House. Minister Young said they were awaiting word from the AG’s office concerning the next step for these buildings.

“Making these the types of attractions that we believe that they should be and part of a whole tourism drive and thrust. We are currently having discussions with the heritage trust for historical buildings of Trinidad and Tobago to see the type of relationship that can be worked out with them, ” he said, adding that they would be hoping to create a strategy for the heritage trust to seek possible international interest and funding for the buildings to aid with their upkeep.