Massy Gas Products has moved to assure the public that it has enough resources to meet the unexpected demand for oxygen in Trinidad and Tobago.

A release on Friday afternoon read, “Massy Gas Products is the Premier Oxygen supplier to Trinidad and the Southern Caribbean through its partnerships with key oxygen generating facilities in the country and has significant capacity to meet unexpected demand. This includes a well devised infrastructural plan with the nation’s hospitals to meet current demands based on the bed spaces available.”

It went further, “Massy Gas Products wishes to assure the public that there is no shortage in the availability and supply of medical oxygen to medical facilities. The company urges the population to continue adhering to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health and not from unverified sources.”

However, the company stated it is unable to meet the demands of private individuals having noted “a significant increase” in demand to purchase medical oxygen cylinders for personal use in the case of an emergency.

However Massy Gas Products said it is committed to certifying and filling cylinders that are privately owned. “We wish to reiterate we will not be entertaining the purchase of medical oxygen cylinders for personal use, but only certifying and filling cylinders where applicable,” the statement read.