Team members from New Age Recycling Limited package cardboard waste for recycling. (Image courtesy Massy Stores)

Massy Stores is reporting that it has managed to cut down its cardboard waste at all store locations by some 90,000 pounds, thanks to its partnership with New Age Recycling Ltd on a major waste reduction initiative.

An official release issued by Massy Stores, CEO Roxane de Freitas explained they made the recycling achievement during the period June 2021 to December 2021, thanks to their partnership with New Age Recycling.

Roxanne de Freitas also reported on their achievements with reducing Massy’s waste plastic.

“We started a journey, aligned to Massy’s purpose of creating value and transforming lives, to reduce the distribution of waste plastic in the environment by encouraging customers to use reusable bags.  The result has been a 70-80% reduction in customer consumption of plastic bags at Massy Stores when compared to our consumption levels in prior years,” she noted.

Amarjeet Kocher, Operations Manager Massy Stores; Natalia Skair, Store Manager, Massy Stores St. Anns and Ronaldo Pierre, Business Development Manager New Age Recycling with some of the cardboard waste. (Image courtesy Massy Stores)

“Similarly, we receive large quantities of waste cardboard and cardboard packaging in our back store.  We are encouraged that through this partnership with New Age Recycling, those materials can be reused and repurposed instead of adding to landfill waste,” the Massy Stores CEO stated.

New Age Recycling Limited is a subsidiary of HADCO Group, and is focused on collecting, sorting, and baling wastepaper, cardboard and Tetra Pak; and collecting and sorting used aluminium cans and PET bottles for the purpose of recycling.

Managing Director, Kevin Whiteman, challenged the public to be part of the recycling movement.

“Consumers need to call on companies to take action to build recycling into their business model, and companies should embrace and embark on the behavioural change needed; and work towards creating a circular economy and reducing landfill waste,” Kevin Whiteman stated.

He added: “This has clearly been the vision of Massy Stores as it continues to demonstrate its commitment to corporate sustainability. We are excited to also partner on this journey to reduce our local greenhouse gas emissions”.

Team members from New Age Recycling Limited load cardboard waste into a truck bound for the recycling operations. (Image courtesy Massy Stores)

According to the Massy Stories release, in addition to the above-mentioned waste reduction initiatives, the supermarket chain also has undertaken several other sustainability initiatives including:

■   Continued support of the iCare programme at major store locations across the country.

■   Incorporated insulated roofing designs and LED lighting, both of which are more energy efficient, at our new and refurbished stores, in Trinidad and Tobago and across the region.

■   Switched to R-404A gas – a gas with zero ozone layer impact, used in new refrigeration equipment

■   Usage of energy efficient LED lighting in new and refurbished locations.

■   Installed energy efficient UV Germicidal lamp systems at all store locations – which form a part of the Central Air Condition systems and sanitize the air circulated by the AC system, treating it for mould, bacteria and germs.