With Christmas around the corner, the Gulf View location of Massy Stores Supermarket has launched a virtual one-stop-shop. Massy Stores Supermarket on Monday welcomed Ferreira Optical and Trinpad (a Division of The Office Authority Limited) to the location. The aim is to allow customers the convenience of shopping for grocery items, accessing premium eye care and eyewear and creating personalized photo gifts all in time for the Christmas Season. 

Speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, Roxane De Freitas, Chief Executive Officer of Massy Stores said the idea was to widen the shopping experience of customers as much as possible. “This combination of services at Massy Stores is a continuation of Massy Stores Supermarket’s aspiration to delight customers and elevate their shopping experience by offering new and innovative services. We offer pharmacy, Sure Pay, MoneyGram, Lotto, Food Card Redemption, curbside ordering, delivery services, self-checkout and many other options from our branch in Gulf View.”  She added “I am pleased that both companies made the decision to partner with us as yet another testament to the fact that Massy Stores continues to invest in our infrastructure, in spite of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for all.” 

Mr. Lorenzo Hodges, Chief Executive Officer, Ferreira Optical also expressed optimism about the new move, “Ferreira Optical’s partnership with Massy Stores represents an opportunity for our customers to enjoy an enhanced shopping convenience. Our relocation to Massy Stores Gulf View, is one of a kind as we have created unique experiences for a more personalized, relaxed and hassle-free visit. With customer service remaining the hallmark of our business, we have further invested in innovative technology to deliver the best optical solutions for our customers.” 

Ms. Angella Persad, Executive Chairman, Office Authority Limited, said “We are very proud to be partnering with Massy Stores to bring new products and services to their customers in a one stop shopping experience.  We are especially happy to start this relationship in south, the home ground of Trinpad.  Both Massy Stores and Trinpad have served the nation for over 50 years and we believe that the alignment of our value systems will foster a partnership that will grow from strength to strength.”

Reporter: Ryan Bachoo