A maxi taxi driver was stabbed multiple times during an attempted robbery along the Priority Bus Route, on Wednesday night.

According to a police report, the driver picked up a man in the vicinity of Aranguez at about 8 pm and proceeded east. However, upon reaching the vicinity of Simon Road, the suspect pressed the bell to exit the vehicle.

He gave the driver over $10 in cash and while waiting for his change, the suspect reportedly pulled out a knife and announced a hold up.

The suspect then attacked the driver, beating him and stabbing him several times, wounding him on the left arm.

The driver managed to escape his attacker and made a report to the police.

In a separate incident, a 59-year-old ‘PH’ driver was shot in Arima.

Reports indicate that at about 3 pm, the driver picked up the suspect in Arima, who asked that he be taken to Albrosco Street.

Upon reaching the area, the suspect asked the driver to take him instead to The Rope Factory.

The suspect then pointed a firearm at the driver and ordered him out of the vehicle.

The suspect then shot the driver in the left leg, before driving off in the victim’s car.

The victim was taken to the Arima Hospital by police to seek medical attention.  He was treated and is listed in a stable condition.