A Mayaro man is wanted for the stabbing death of a 67-year-old woman during a quarrel over money last night.

Police say the wanted man is a relative of the woman.

Margaret Nina of Maloney Road West, Mayaro succumbed to her injuries after she was stabbed about her body several times.

The man then proceeded to attack the woman’s son who managed to escape and contacted the Mayaro police.

According to police report, the incident occurred around 10 pm last night.

Police said that after being stabbed the woman screamed for help and her son who was in the house ran to his mother’s assistance.

A party of officers headed by Ag Sgt Neil Narine responded and met the house locked.

Police officers breached the house and confronted the suspect who attacked them, however, they managed to subdue him without using deadly force.

The woman was found lying in a pool of blood motionless in the living room of the house.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Mayaro Police Station pending enquiries.

The body was viewed by District Medical Officer who ordered its removal to Sangre Grande hospital mortuary.

A blood-stained knife was found on the scene.

Villagers described Nina as a jovial woman and said her killing was the most heinous crime committed in the village.