Crime Scene Investigators at the scene where the body of Kevon “LA” Harris was found in Woodford Square, Port-of-Spain, on Wednesday.

More needs to be done to strengthen the family units within our communities.

This was the view of Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez following the murder of Sherian Huggins and the subsequent suicide of her alleged attacker Tuesday.

Huggins was fatally chopped in the full view of her four children, while hours later the man was found hanging in Woodford Square.

“It is very worrying and I think that we are a society really need to start thinking as to how do we go about repairing families and communities and ensure that people have a quality of life and that at the same time we can find ways to stamp out domestic violence because it’s really an act against a citizen that didn’t deserve it,” said Martinez when asked about the incident at City Hall yesterday.

“Although the gentleman would have taken his life at the end of it, just think of the children that would have remained and now they have no parent to be able to look after them and it’s a bunch of children and that’s why we tend to have a break down of society at the end of the day,” he said.

The mayor said his council would look into various ways they could assist with improving the life quality of citizens of Port-of-Spain to reduce re-occurrences of these incidents. (PC)