Graffiti painted on the wall outside the Ministry of Health during an arson attack on August 8.

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Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez has slammed the August 8 attack on the Ministry of Health building.

The building was set ablaze by a group known as ‘The Resistance’ which has claimed the COVID-19 pandemic is not real and called for an end of lockdown measures.

The group has since gone on to vandalise several buildings in Port-of-Spain, including the Guardian Media building on St Vincent Street.

The mayor addressed the attack during the monthly statutory meeting of the City Council yesterday.

“On the 8th of August the Health Building was attacked by fire and we understand it is an arson attack, the Health Ministry is trying to save lives in this country,” said Martinez.

He added: “And the Minister and the Ministry are working very hard to keep us abreast of what is going and inform us of what is taking place, and here you have someone deciding that they don’t like the news and they don’t like is being said and being done by the Ministry of Health. Come on, that can’t be right.”

Yesterday the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service said two people were questioned in relation to the attack on the Ministry of Health building, which saw estimated damages of $2 million incurred by the state.

The statutory meeting also focused on the lack of up to standard equipment currently being utilised by the Corporation.

The Mayor said this was a great concern during this COVID-19 situation.

“Is our equipment in good state? Are we able to perform at an optimum level when requested upon, I think not,” said the mayor, when addressing the topic.

“When you have to think about these things, and you know the vulnerability of our citizens and not just Port-of-Spain, outside limits of Port-of-Spain, who sometimes ask for help when there is a situation we also have to be to respond. This is the capital city of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.”