Port-of-Spain Corporation City Medical Officer of Health Dr.Rajendra Kumar Navuru left wears two face masks, speaks during the media briefing on the upgrading of Public Health standards within the city of Port-of-Spain, at City Hall, Port-of-Spain. At right is Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez.

With regional corporations now prohibiting public access to parks and promenades, Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez is appealing to citizens who may have become COVID weary, to find the will and mental strength, to continue the fight against the virus.

He also urged them to “stop the nonsense.”

Mayor Martinez said those who may have abandoned good judgement cannot be allowed to put others at risk, by their indiscriminate behaviour.

“Our citizens have gotten tired, we have taken chances, we fed up of the lockdown, we know all this. But you know what? The virus has gained ground, the virus has gotten stronger, the virus is about to attack us at our most vulnerable point, so together we have to work with each other to fight this thing,” he said.

Speaking on CNC3’s the Morning Brew programme on Monday, Mayor Martinez said although some citizens may have become complacent, they must rise above their personal feelings, as a team effort is required to effectively fight the virus.

“We have heard the Prime Minister, we have heard the Minister of Health, we have heard the Minister of National Security, we have heard citizens come out and say this pandemic is not easy, it’s airborne. We are into triple digits on a daily basis, what is it that we want? Can we stop the nonsense please?”

The Brian Lara Promenade and San Juan Promenade were cordoned off and closed to the public over the weekend, in an effort to deter citizens from gathering in these public spaces.

The move came after the Minister of Health lamented people congregating on the Brian Lara Promenade and not adhering to health protocols.