The adverse weather system which has been affecting Trinidad and Tobago for more than 12 hours. (Image courtesy TTMS)

The Met Service has issued a second Yellow Level Riverine Flood Alert for Trinidad, activated at 1:00 pm, to remain in effect to midnight on Friday 30 July 2021.

In its latest advisory, forecasters report that river levels have been on a steady rise, as runoff from today’s rainfall continue to infiltrate the Caroni River Basin and other smaller water courses.

According to the advisory, some smaller water courses have already overtopped their banks and over spilled onto surrounding areas, most noteworthy:

●   The South Oropouche River is dangerously high and continues to slowly rise.

●   The Caroni River is currently at 80% capacity and as run-off continues, a very slow but steady rise is anticipated over the next few hours.

Forecasters say although no impactful rainfall is forecast for the remainder of the day, there remains a moderate risk to public safety, livelihood and property, as watercourses maintain high levels.

Residents in vulnerable areas are advised to carefully monitor weather conditions and river/water levels.  The Met Service also encourages residents to monitor updates from official sources and plan safety measures, and to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Residents are especially advised to avoid driving or wading through flood waters, and to follow the instructions of government officials.

Residents are advised to get more information at