A T&T flag is flown above revellers exiting the stage after crossing with the Dutty Pleasures J’Ouvert band, as part of the 2021 official J’Ouvert celebrations held at the Miami Dade Country Fairgrounds in Florida last month.

With approximately three months left to the calendar date for Carnival 2022, one Miami Carnival official suggested that T&T makes a firm decision now on whether the event will happen or not.

Sydney Roberts, the vice president of Miami-Broward One Carnival Committee, said indecision is bad for business.

“Ah wonder if to do it or not that is the worst thing that you can do to any event, football, cricket you name it, reason being is that what you throw out there is what people going to eat…stop put anything out there that it might happen,” Roberts said.

Since Guardian Media broke the story of a possible carnival-like event for the vaccinated in February 2022, according to the National Carnival Committee (NCC) chairman Winston Gypsy Peters, many shared their view on the topic.

Gypsy said contributions accumulated in a stakeholder meeting was sent to the Cabinet for approval, but Culture Minister Randall Mitchell who reported was also in the meeting said he was unaware of such development.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Caesar’s Army Ltd Jules Sobion said a Carnival in February 2022 could happen, while president of Randy Glasgow Productions said it should be held later in the year. Roberts agreed with Peters and Sobion.

“If them (sic) smart them stay in line because if they don’t stay in line somebody going come and pick up that famous spot for carnival anywhere else in the world,” he said.

He acknowledged that this country was in its third wave but said the carnival could still be accomplished with proper planning and promoting starting as soon as possible.

At the time of Miami Carnival 2021 (Oct 2 to Oct 10), the county’s seven day rolling average of cases were over 500.

“You see just like how they put out the boxes to take in your ticket when you they in Trinidad (sic) that’s what we did so people could have walk-up now with them ticket who were tested and everything them just go right then we set up an area where everybody else who wanted to get tested could get tested,” he said.

While T&T is promoting a carnival for the vaccinated Miami carnival planners also had to cater for unvaccinated participants who were also allowed. But all masqueraders were required to wear a mask to mas.

“We had a whole heap of manpower and we had to split the area, the area that you can get vaccinated or test that was nowhere close to half as big to where people who already got them stuff were,” he said.

Roberts said many people took the jab to participate, increasing the vaccination rate. He said this would come once there was carnival confirmation.

“People love fun and people love jump up,” he said.

Roberts said managing 30,000 masqueraders and 20,000 J’Ouvert revellers was not a walk in the park and mistakes did happen but the event was successful and beneficial to many.

Roberts said Government would have to provide funding for this event but the revenue that will be generated once Carnival is confirmed will surpass that. But a firm decision about the event must be made now.