Venezuelan nationals drop off re-registration forms at the Immigration office, Henry Street, Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Venezuelan Migrant Jorge Allen, 40, believes the six-month extension given by the government is not enough. But said he is thankful for it.

“It’s kinda (sic) short, it supposed to be a year at least but it’s something,” Allen said

Speaking outside the Immigration office at Upper Henry Street, Port-of-Spain on Monday, Allen a construction worker said any extra time here is better than living in Venezuela.

“A group of people take everything for your country and you have to go to other country to find opportunities and it’s really sad, really hard,” he said.

Dilady Guterres was also thankful for the extension. She dropped off her re-registration forms just before 1 pm.

She said the extra six months will allow her to continue taking care of her family.

“I could not find food, medication or help my family being in Venezuela…I am very grateful,” she said.

When the Guardian Media team arrived just before midday, there was no line and Venezuelans were appearing intermittently with their documents, which they had to seal and drop off in a box placed outside the building.

The two Venezuelans described the process as easier when compared to 2019 but Allen had a hard time finding the place.

“The only complain is how you find the place because the other places in immigration do not have the address properly they don’t know about that and you get kinda lost,” he said.

Guterres said she brought everything required and hoped her request would be accepted.

In the envelope, Venezuelans should have a completed application form, a copy of the migrant registration card, a recent passport-sized photo, a copy of their bio-data page of the passport, Venezuelan ID or UNHCR card and proof of address.

Just before 1 pm the box outside was changed, a security guard told Guardian Media that approximately 60 Venezuelans came to register yesterday.

Allen encouraged other Venezuelans to come out and re-register.

“Try to do the right thing to not have problems with the government,” he said.