Students of Point Fortin East Secondary School gather outside Point Fortin MP Edmund Dillon’s office, yesterday.

Work on the Point Fortin East Secondary School is expected to be completed early next week, Senator Franklin Khan said yesterday as he apologised to students whose examinations may have been affected by the situation.

He was replying to Opposition questions about protests by students to highlight infrastructural and administrative issues affecting examination preparations at the school. The school was closed towards the end of last term.

Khan said following a prohibition notice served to various blocks within the schools by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the Education Ministry requested a structural inspection of the school by the Works Ministry. In a January 24 letter, the Works Ministry stated that the buildings appeared to be in a “fair” physical condition.

“In light of this, the ministry engaged National Maintenance Training and Security Company to do air -conditioning, ceiling replacement and masonry remedial work to Blocks C and D and an electrical upgrade, remedying the defects outlined by the Electrical Inspectorate,” he added.

The works are 50 per cent completed. Khan said the rest of work is expected to be completed early next week.

Acknowledging that there had been challenges for students, Khan apologised to those examinations might have been affected. He said once school starts, remedial action will be taken to address those challenges.

Khan also offered explanations following protests by parents of pupils at the Poole RC Primary School about transportation arrangements for their relation to another school. He said the pupils were relocated to St Therese RC last September.

“At the time of relocation, request for transportation was made to the school supervisor in the south-east district,” he told the Senate. However, this information was not properly relayed to the Education Ministry’s head office.

Khan added that the request was brought to the attention of the School Supervision and Management Division by the principal on Tuesday.

“The ministry is currently in the process of making arrangements with PTSC to facilitate the transportation of approximately 60 students in the shortest possible time,” he said.

Khan said he hoped it would be by next week.

In response to Opposition queries about road paving done in Sangre Grande in December which deteriorated rapidly, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said repairs should be completed by this weekend. He said the contract, which has an 18-month defect liability period, allows the contractor to do the repairs at no cost to Government.

Sinanan said there had been challenges with the mix used and the contractor agreed to have it redone. Work started a few days ago.