Minister: No point deduction for traffic violations this month

The new Demerit Points System goes fully into effect on April 2nd.

Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan, says during March, motorists caught violating traffic regulations will be ticketed, but won’t lose points—yet.

However, all bets are off come April.

The minister explains that the U-Turn Software Management System, which introduces a Demerit Points System for motorists across the country, is being rolled out partially, today.

Minister Sinanan confirmed that motorists will only receive warnings right now, for any violations they commit, as they will be charged under the old system.

“What we don’t want to happen is that people encounter violations and very soon you have people’s drivers permits being revoked. So we’re going to use the next month to continue the education exercise,” he told Guardian Media. “You’re going to see the officers out there with their devices, and when they issue you a ticket, you will see it is really a warning stating that if you get this ticket from next month, you lose these points, this will be your fine and everything.” 

The minister told us over the past few weeks, the motoring public has been responding to the ministry’s public awareness programme, and attempting to update all its information at licensing office.

He says motorists will have another month to get their houses in order, before the new points system goes fully into effect on April 2nd.

Minister Sinanan warns it won’t be so easy to dodge those tickets or demerits, once they are issued.

“Once you are issued a ticket, the ticket will come home to you,” he said, “and automatically, that information is uploaded to the licensing office and it goes on your record. It is also sent to the courts.”

He added: “Once you go back to Licensing Office, or if you’re stopped on the road, this information will appear on the officers’ devices. I can tell you that it will dramatically help law enforcement agencies, not only with driving infringements, but other information that would be lodged at the courts.” 

Minister Sinanan points out that during a recent trial run, within half an hour of the pilot starting, police officers were able to pick up several stolen cars on the road, and arrests were made.