Minister Allyson West

The public sector job evaluation review being done since 2020 recently received some union “push back”, but is expected to be completed next year .

And the review of Government’s group health plan for daily and monthly rated workers is almost completed.

Public Administration Minister Allyson West said this in the Senate on Wednesday in debate on a Variation Bill to deliver additional funding to the Social Development Ministry, judiciary and Personnel Department.

Earlier in debate, Independent Senator Amrita Deonarine had queried the status of the job evaluation exercise, saying she understood extensive work was taking place with the Chief Personnel Officer and Finance.

West said the job evaluation exercise is being done as part of the CPO’s operations and was approved before 2016-17 . It’s being conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers and began 18 months ago.

She said it had been progressing “quite nicely, but there had recently been union push back. West said efforts are being made to make up for the slippage of time to keep it on track and it’s expected to be complete in the course of 2023.

On further funding of $1.3 million for the Personnel Division, West added that the majority of that was to settle an invoice for KR Services to do a six month review of Government’s group health plan for monthly and daily rated workers. The review is almost completed, she added.

West responded on UNC Senator Wade Mark’s call for the names of the landlords from whom Government rented and amounts paid. He asked if the owners were associated with the Attorney General.

She said the identity of landlords whom Government rented from and rentals paid had been given in Parliament before, especially those for the CPO’s office and since then nothing had changed where landlords or allocation were concerned.

West criticised Mark’s claim that Finance Minister Colm Imbert “Was like NATO- No Action, Talk Only”. She said with tensions rising in Eastern Europe, it could only be hoped that Mark’s decision to give a loud insult to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), would get no further than the Senate floor.