Education Minister Anthony Garcia

The Ministry of Education is seeking to assure teachers, parents and students that primary schools are ready for the reopening for SEA students on Monday.

More than 19,000 SEA students will return to their primary schools to continue preparations for the 2020 SEA examination, scheduled for August 20, 2020.

The Ministry said in a statement that it has, over the past few weeks, been distributing cleaning supplies to all primary schools to ensure the classrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Additionally, it said that liquid soap and hand sanitiser are available for the students to utilise.

“Based on Ministry of Health recommendations, principals have reorganised the classrooms to facilitate the six feet physical distancing requirement. The Ministry will continue to clean and sanitise schools to ensure the safety of students,” the statement added.

The Ministry said that guidelines for the Reopening of Schools were developed in consultation with the Ministry of Health and were issued to primary school principals.

It said a separate document, outlining the measures for the new Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) sector would be disseminated shortly.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said it remains in constant dialogue with the Chief Medical Officer and, by extension, the Ministry of Health to ensure that the protocols continue to be implemented in schools. Consequently, as the national response to COVID-19 evolves, it said the guidelines will be amended to reflect current measures to maintain the health and safety of the nation’s students and staff.