Minister of National Security Stuart Young.

The Ministry of National Security says it continues to diligently treating with exemption requests from Trinidad and Tobago nationals who are seeking to return home.

In an update yesterday evening the Ministry said that over the past week, two large groups of nationals returned from Grenada and Canada. The majority of those returning are in state quarantine facilities.

Of the returning nationals, four tested positive for COVID-19. Three of these cases were from Grenada and one from the USA.

It said a small number of serious medical cases have also returned.

Over the next few days, some 30-35 persons are expected to return from Suriname and other jurisdictions.

In addition, students who were in India, as well as some persons from the Middle East and UK have also started returning.

The Ministry said it is currently awaiting details on the travel arrangements of those granted exemptions to return from the UK/ Europe and the Middle East, and those persons should begin arriving in T&T in the next few days. Once they return those persons will bring state quarantine facilities up to full capacity.

The Government is currently working out the details and timing of flights to take T&T students to the United States, as well as to begin the repatriation of our nationals in the US.

Repatriation flights will be dependent on, amongst other things, the number of spaces available at the time in state quarantine facilities, as well as the number of persons who will pay for state-supervised quarantine.

The Ministry of National Security assures that the cycle of repatriation and safe quarantine continues, as it works with public health experts to balance the safe return of nationals with the protection of persons in T&T.