Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services (MSDFS) has said that following a story which broke on Tuesday, the Ministry yesterday reached out to the Casino Union of Members Club and Lottery Workers to seek ways to resolve their issues.

The Ministry said that President of the Union Joshua Johnson met with newly-appointed Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox, at her office on St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain Wednesday morning.

At the meeting, Johnson provided information on the plight of his members who would have applied for both the Social Support Assistance grant under the MSDFS and the Salary Relief Grant under the Ministry of Finance.

Minister Cox assured Johnson that although a significant amount of applications were for the Salary Relief grant, which were being processed by the Ministry of Finance, she would use her office in seeking to expedite those applications which had not yet been paid.

She indicated that the Ministry continued to “work assiduously to complete all applications for COVID Social Support and that payments will be made to all those who meet the criteria, in the shortest possible time.”

The Minister asked Johnson to inform his members that the Ministry was working on their applications and that they will be provided with feedback in the near future.

The statement by the Ministry added that she also indicated that while the casino workers would have applied for the Salary Relief Grant, they were also free to apply for food support which was provided under the MSDFS. The Minister ended by stating although no decision had been taken yet on relief for the 28-day period of restrictions, the Ministry aimed to ensure that no one would be left behind.