Sheree Welch and her daughter Tyler Welch are screened by security guard Cheryl Edwards before proceeding to be registered at St Joseph Convent, San Fernando, on Tuesday.

The new secondary school term is set to begin on Monday and while there are thousands of students who have applied for transfers following the Secondary Entrance Exam (SEA) on August 20, the Ministry of Education has said it will be almost another month before any responses are forthcoming.

The MOE advised parents and guardians that all students are expected to participate in remote learning at their assigned schools until this feedback is provided.

In a release, the ministry noted that this year there had been an increase in the numbers of students registering for the SEA. They said approximately 4,000 transfer requests are usually received on an annual basis after the exam.

Officials indicated the granting of a transfer is dependent on the availability of space in the requested schools; the student’s performance (merit); if there was a change of address; if there is a medical condition (that must be verified by a medical certificate and school records); special needs e.g. disabilities; and the results of the review of scores which is completed by CXC, impacts the transfer process.

The MOE said, “Transfers are therefore not guaranteed.”

Feedback on requests for transfers will commence on November 23, and will be available at the respective Education District Offices.

The ministry said they are aware of the level of uncertainty faced by parents/guardians as they await a response to their transfer requests and, as such, only students awaiting transfer results will not be required to purchase uniforms and books of the assigned school.