Members of the public wait in line outside TTPost on Coffee Street, San Fernando, to drop off their forms for the Salary Relief Grant, last week Tuesday.

The emergency grants introduced by Government to assist citizens affected by the Stay-at-Home order continues to be accessed by both employees and self-employed persons across several sectors of T&T.

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services says it is working towards the continued delivery of emergency support services for more than 170,000 individuals and households under its existing grants system.

Seeking to balance physical distancing and ensure proper procedures are followed in accessing and disbursing these grants to those most in need, officials appealed to citizens to be responsible while attempting to satisfy the criteria for the emergency relief grants being offered.

In highlighting the various measures being implemented over the last few weeks, Minister Camille Robinson-Regis emphasised the need to ensure accountability, transparency and equity in the distribution of the said grants and services from the ministry.

As persons continue to access application forms for income support, rental assistance and the temporary food support—the option of online applications remains the preferred one, as designated email accounts for the submission have been established.

Where access to the internet and other support devices such as printers and scanners is not available, hard copies of the forms are available at designated police stations, as well as social welfare district offices to discourage citizens from venturing too far from their homes.

To date, 63 police stations have and continue to be supplied with the requisite forms.

All completed applications are to be e-mailed to the addresses provided on the application forms.

Officials have said only in dire circumstances should the forms be dropped off at the relevant social welfare district offices.

Citizens should note that the ministry is working towards speedy verification and processing of applications, which will be paid either through cheques or direct deposit to the accounts of applicants.

Additionally, the ministry confirmed the distribution of temporary food cards for households of students who are registered with the School Feeding Programme, Ministry of Education, will continue until all of the needy cases are addressed.

In this regard, the ministry has said they would work closely with all 41 MP’s, and they have encouraged parents and guardians to await notification from their MP to avoid crowding at the constituency offices, as well as Social Welfare District Offices.