The three fishermen who went missing off the coast of Guayaguayare last Friday, are said to be alive and well. 

21-year-old Shaquille Charles, Walter Whiteman and Anthony Sandy are said to be on their way home, after their boat drifted ashore at the Morne Diablo coast this morning. 

The men reportedly left the port in a pirogue around 3:50 pm on Friday 11 December 2020, to go on a fishing expedition. When they did not return, their relatives reported them missing to the police.

With the assistance of other fishermen, their relatives have been searching the sea for them.  A  cousin also had rented a light aircraft and flew the length of the country’s east coast from Toco to Guayaguayare in search of the vessel.

In a brief telephone interview, Whiteman’s brother said round 9 am today, they received a call that the three had been found alive. 

“So far, my brother talked to my mother. They seem to be in good condition. We sent two boats to bring them to Guayaguayare,” he told Guardian Media.

He said he has not yet spoken to his brother, so he did not know what happened to them out at sea.

This story will be updated as more information comes to hand.