Isiah Thomas was reported missing in Tobago, found dead

The search for 21-year-old Isiah Thomas, who had been reported missing, ended in tragedy on Saturday night after police found his body at Lambeau Old Road.

Thomas of Lambeau was last seen by his grandmother Junie Thomas Bishop on Wednesday evening.

A missing person’s report was made on Friday after relatives had not seen or heard from him. Fears heightened after residential CCTV footage captured Isiah getting into a vehicle which stopped shortly after and someone in the vehicle threw a cellphone into a community bin. Family members then searched the same bin and discovered that the phone belonged to Isiah. Isiah is the nephew of local radio personality Barrington “Skippy” Thomas, who described him as peaceful and ambitious.

He said, “Isiah was a promising artiste, he was pretty much to himself always posting videos on social media singing and chanting. He was very helpful and protective of his grandmother because she grew him up.”

He described Isiah’s murder as a “very hard one to swallow.”

But Thomas said the discovery of the body, allows the family to have some closure.

According to family members the police received a tip-off and found the decomposing body of an Afro-Trinbagonian male in some bushes along the Old Lambeau Road. Relatives identified him as Isiah. They said it appeared that he was stabbed several times.

His grandmother Junie Thomas Bishop said Isiah was loving and helpful. She said he would check in on her several times throughout the day and when she didn’t see or hear from him she felt an “emptiness” and knew that something was wrong.

She said Thomas had a “hard life” as his mother died when he was a toddler, she said it was difficult to accept that even after all his struggles he made it to this point, only for his life to end in such a horrific manner.

Senior Superintendent of Police Anand Ramesar said based on preliminary investigations it is believed Isiah was stabbed and also shot.

An autopsy will be done to determine how he was killed.