Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell

Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell has welcomed the return of six of the country’s cruise ship workers.

This was the first group to be granted special permission by National Security Minister Stuart Young, as part of Government’s phased approach to repatriating nationals who are crew members, since the closure of this country’s borders on March 22nd and the early closure of the 2019/2020 cruise ship season to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Another 53 returned home yesterday and 59 more will return this week.

Minister Mitchell said he was happy that the successes resulting from Government’s adherence to scientific decision-making, enabled Trinidad and Tobago to have zero active positive COVID-19 cases as of May 22.

He stated: “The crew members can now be welcomed home as the resources are available to ensure their care and treatment during the mandatory 14 day state quarantine period, and safe return to their respective families.”

He added that it was always the intention of the Government to repatriate crew members and applauded the fact that this action commenced immediately after the country became free of positive Covid-19 cases

He said: “The Ministry of Tourism appreciates the respective contributions being made by cruise ship and other tourism workers outside of Trinidad and Tobago and thanks the crew members for their patience and forbearance.”

Minister Mitchell also wished the crew members continued success in their chosen careers as the cruise season reopens and stated that Government would continue the relationship-building process with the various cruise lines to ensure their consideration of Port-of-Spain as a cruise destination in the future. He also urged all nationals to continue adhering to the health protocols to ensure the spread of the virus is effectively mitigated.