Susan Jerry

The Minister of Finance announced on Monday during his 2022 Budget presentation that VAT would be removed from several food items.

This was in response to rising food prices affecting citizens for months.

On Wednesday the ministry issued the full list of more than 40 types of food items.

But are citizens happy with the move? Guardian Media took the streets of Port-of-Spain yesterday to find out.

Susan Jerry

Trinidad and Tobago businessmen don’t reduce their prices, so I don’t expect any change.

Adrian Muktarsingh

Things in tins and all those types of items people don’t really purchase those things and I rather buy my items in a pack like peas and other stuff. The Finance Minister zero-rated some of those things, some of them already zero-rated so it does not make any sense to me.

Russel Wilson

Yes, it will affect me, with my income at the end of the day it will affect me. Those day to day items will affect my pocket.

Micheal Espinet

It is a good thing right now, how prices are going up now it is a good thing to me that we are not getting many items without tax. In my opinion, it is going to be hard but it is a blessing in disguise.

Micheal Davis

Due to the crisis of COVID-19 food suppose to get cheaper so that everyone can afford food. And due to the pandemic things will be a bit challenging for a lot of citizens.