Example of a completed and verified vaccination card. Photo by Brent Pinheiro

The Ministry of Health has not endorsed the use of any digital system regarding proof of vaccination, it said in a release on Friday morning.

“Currently, only national Immunization Records (Vaccination Cards) and bona fide proof of vaccination from other countries are accepted,” the ministry said.

“The public is encouraged to be careful when sharing sensitive information with third-party entities, especially personal medical information.

“The ministry said it continues to collaborate with partner Ministries and other public sector entities to develop a COVID-19 vaccination e-certificate platform. As part of the data verification process for this initiative, it said, members of the public may be contacted to confirm their information and, where necessary, to submit information to [email protected]

“The public is urged to source updates on COVID-19 matters from official sources only, such as the Ministry of Health’s website (www.health.gov.tt) and the Regional Health Authorities’ websites and social media pages, as well as the media conferences of various public sector entities,” it said.