Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit

Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit says she isn’t discussing whether she has submitted a nomination for the United National Congress’ (UNC) Chaguanas East seat.

Mohit was resolute on that position yesterday, though acknowledging that people “had been calling her” on whether she was contesting upcoming general elections. Mohit was appointed Chaguanas Mayor after the 2019 Local Government polls. UNC’s Chaguanas East MP is Fazal Karim.

Meanwhile, with the People’s National Movement (PNM) not using Zoom or other technology to screen overseas nominees, the UNC says it has already successfully embraced the use of technology.

UNC general secretary Dev Tancoo made the comment recently after UNC Princes Town MP Barry Padarath contacted the party to enquire about his screening.

Padarath is in Florida looking after his baby daughter. He left T&T just as local borders were closed. Padarath said after his enquiries on screening, he was told he’d be contacted by the party and it wasn’t that he wouldn’t be screened.

When asked via text message if Padarath would be screened by technological platform, Tancoo said, “The UNC has already successfully embraced the use of technology by hosting what was possibly the first full virtual political press conference, political rally and screening of general elections nominees.

“We’ll continue to use every available measure to give all citizens the opportunity to serve our nation.”

In Cumuto Manzanilla, however, there’s been some fallout following speculation that incumbent MP Christine Newallo-Hosein may be replaced. People from two religious groups in the area recently expressed concern that Newallo-Hosein might be moved since they said her representation had served the areas well.

Newallo-Hosein was screened last week alongside five others, including former Energy minister Kevin Ramnarine and ex-Mayaro corporation chairman Glen Ram, who’s now before the courts.

Sources said there’s been some division on Ram’s position since he was advised for the 2019 Local Government polls not to contest due to his alleged corruption charges and “that advice should have been recalled when he decided to seek general election screening.”